Thank You, NEXT!

Here I am, it’s the last day of the year and while I’m writing this, I’m thinking about all the crazy stuff that happened to me. I had great moments and bad, bad moments but if there is something that I’ve learnt is to get up on my feet alone. I know that probably you are all watching other people highlights on Instagram these days BUT remember that probably they all had their dark and bad moments that turned them in such stronger people.

So, where to start? I have to say THANK YOU because I was healthy this year. I have to say THANK YOU because I had my family next to me this year. I was just thinking that I have this little space on the Internet (Instagram and the blog) that let me have good and sweets moments this year so THANK YOU for being part of this journey.

On January I got the opportunity to attend my FIRST fashion show and fashion week EVER. And I’m so grateful for that. I got to work with such amazing brands that believed in me and my work. I met new people that are now so special to me. I’ve rediscovered myself. I’m proud of me and I can’t wait for the next year. So, thank YOU.

A lot is going to change in 2019 so get ready and enjoy the ride.

Love, Veronica.


21 Things I’ve learnt.

Hello lovelies,

it’s been a while, I know! I would like to have an excuse for that but I don’t. in the last few months I decided to take sometime and understand what I wanted to do on Instagram and with the blog, in the last few months good things happened that gave me new ideas and the desire to keep pushing BUT I realized that I was giving my self some limits! I’m preparing new things for the new year and I can’t wait to create more and beat my fears.  

Last week I turned 21 which is a big deal! My life changed a lot in 21 years BUT I think that the little girl that I was once would be proud of this young woman that is still figuring out her self. I wanted to share with you 21 that I’ve learnt till now. 

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  • Pursue your dreams! 

You don’t know what can happen in your life, things change so quickly and if you keep doing what you love you are gonna see results – big or small – but you’re gonna see them. 

  • Don’t apologize for who YOU ARE. 
  • We all have our own path. 

I don’t know what this life is really about, I don’t know what will happen next, I just don’t know why people die or get sick. I don’t know why some people are rich or some are poor, I don’t know why things happen BUT I think that for every decision we make we have a written path. 

  • It’s okay to feel not okay. 
  • Don’t expect from others what you will do for them. 
  • Listen – to yourself, to others. Listen. 
  • Everyone makes mistakes. 
  • True friends will always find their way back to you
  • Bad moments are just bad moments, they pass. 
  • You will never stop to know someone. 
  • Health is the most important thing. 
  • Everything has an end. No matter how painful that could be, it happens.
  • It’s not easy to open your heart to people. 
  • Everyone around you has a story that matters. 
  • Relationships are complicated. 
  • You are always stronger than you think. 
  • People are mean. 
  • You’ll probably never find someone that is going to love you as much as you love yourself. 
  • We all can make a change in this world. 
  • Speak up. 
  • You are important. 

You don’t have time. That is the most bitter and the most beautiful piece of advice I can offer. If you don’t have what you want now, you don’t have what you want.

3 Spring Trends you can’t miss.

It’s March and I know that Spring seems so far away with this weather but some of you may have started to shop for the new season, I didn’t but I’m looking forward to starting soon. I’m not a big fan of trends because I like to be different and I don’t like being in a room full of people wearing the same things but I can’t deny that sometimes are the trends that steal my heart.

With Instagram now are the trends that come to us even if we are not looking for them by buying a magazine for example so today I’m gonna show you 3 Spring Trends that you can’t miss and probably are all over your Instagram if Instagram decides to show you new photos. ( yeah, I’m sarcastic)

Now… let’s get started.

X – GIRL Sunglasses 

Yeah. I know. THOSE glasses. Guess what? It’s not a new trend, for those of you that didn’t know that those sunglasses were a huge trend of the 90s and yes, the 90s are making their HUGE come back and I can’t be happier. Schermata 2018-03-08 alle 16.21.40 Celebrities wore them then and now, the trends started on the street and went straight to the web and of course to the faces of the important people. I think Social media helped too to launch them back. Here’s a photo of Julia Roberts wearing them back then.

Big influencers like Caroline Daur ( CaroDaur on Instagram) made them a statement piece for this summer and probably of the summer too. Supermodels likeSchermata 2018-03-08 alle 16.22.14Schermata 2018-03-08 alle 16.22.29  Kendall, Gigi, Bella and Kaira started to wear them only after they become a big thing on the web so that let us think about the power we all have on that platform.Supermodels ( Kendall, Gigi, Bella and Kaira) started to wear them only after they become a big thing on the web so that let us think about the power we all have on that platform.  Another big trend that follows us year after year is DENIM, and this spring/summer all denim comes back.

What’s another big trend that is all over your Instagram page? FUNNY PACK.

Like the trend of the sunglasses, this one had a huge impact on the web and on the street. Schermata 2018-03-08 alle 16.25.47 I have to be honest I’m not a big fan of this trend because I like only the Gucci ones. ( I know ahah).  I hope you enjoyed it and may the spring come faster this year.

How I edit my Instagram photos.

In the past few months, I decided to focus more on my feed and trying to make it look good, I can’t say that I made it because I’m still working on it and I haven’t posted a lot of photos yet, which is something I’m also working on. So, what I had decided to do? I thought that the easiest way was to use the same editing to all my photos, without change it anymore and lately, I realized that I enjoy more ”warmer” feeds.


Usually, I take all of my photos with my smartphone ( Huawei G-7 ) but sometimes I use my Canon because let’s be honest they look better but it’s also true that we can’t always go around with our professional cameras.

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We should wear black every day | TIME’S UP.

When it comes to blogging I’m always looking to find something interesting to talk about with you, something that makes you want to read it until the day and hopefully that will inspire you.

Thinking about that brought me to write this blog post., well that’s not the only thing that inspired me. Last Sunday, in the sunny Los Angeles, a lot of important and talented people attended the Golden Globes, celebrating art and trying to send a message.  Continua a leggere “We should wear black every day | TIME’S UP.”

New year,fresh start.

I thought a lot about how to write this post and I still don’t know If that’s the right way but I wanted to tell you how things are going to change from now on. Every year I tried to take seriously this journey with social media but I always failed, I let my fair and my anxiety take advantage of the situation but these past few months helped me realize what doesn’t work in my life and in me and I figured out that I didn’t like what I was becoming. I’m not here to say that things will change drastically but it will take time. Of course, I will start with the relationship that I have with myself but that’s another story, today I’m here to tell you how my changes will influence this blog and my other platforms. Blogging means sharing, and I wanna start doing that more. Blogging means tell a story and I wanna do that, I wanna bring to you more stories, not only about me but even about the people that inspire me, I wanna tell you new stories the ones that people are afraid to share. I wanna create more and inspire you more. I wanna bring something out there to be proud of because I realized that I feel better when I create something, I feel better when I do what I love. I have a lot of new ideas and I will make them turn into reality.


I wanna create new ”appointments” with you that I hope you will enjoy.


Instagram it’s a big struggle for me because I love it so much but there are days where it really push me down but it is a big part of the change to not care about all the negativities around me so I will post daily and I will share more. 


I wanna get you more involved in my journey. So get ready because this is the start of a new chapter that I hope you would like to share with me.

See you soon,


One last time, 2017.

I would like to start with a thank you.

This year was full of changes and new starts for me and you are a part of it.

2017 started with my mad idea that this was going to be ”my year” and it kinda did. Don’t get me wrong, bad things happened, I had some horrible moments and these past few months have been a complete hell but good things happened to, so why not start with them?


In March I got the opportunity to fly to Budapest so that was my first time ever on a plane, can you believe it? I wasn’t terrified, I was excited and it was cool actually. Budapest, of course, was amazing and I had a lot of fun ( I wrote a post about it too. )   Continua a leggere “One last time, 2017.”

How Instagram can affect us.

A year ago I really started to use Instagram in a more ‘’serious ‘’ way if you wanna call it like that, but of course I was into Instagram way before that.
3 or 4 years ago I decided to get into this new world, I’m a big fan of photography and I must say that I was excited to see how this ‘’Instagram’’ could have been, I didn’t know anything about blogging, Influencers and I didn’t know who Chiara Ferragni was.
One day my dearest friend introduced me into this whole new world by showing me a picture of Chiara, and then I started to follow other people like her, less famous as well.
Instagram changed, it’s not the same thing as three years ago but we all do, it also changed because our way to use it changed too.
Instagram was a place where we felt ‘’okay’’ to share our life trough photos, our hobbies trough photos, our passion trough photos, it is changed? Yes. Most of the people decide to post something to show how great and fabulous their life are. Does this affect us? Of course. Does Instagram really affects our life? Sure it does, in a good and in a bad way too. Continua a leggere “How Instagram can affect us.”

Get Ready for Christmas.

We are definitely at that time of the year, where we are all very excited about what the following months have in store for us.
The stores are getting ready for Halloween these days and for how much I’m excited for Halloween I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that is already thinking about Christmas because yes, I usually wait until the last day for ‘’Christmas Shopping’’. I don’t really know why, probably because the most of the time I literally DON’T KNOW what to buy, am I the only one? Continua a leggere “Get Ready for Christmas.”