Our chaotic “Social Life”

For the second time I’m trying to write down all the thoughts that have found a home in my mind. While I’m drinking my coffee and I’m scrolling trough Instagram this morning I’m thinking about this weird feeling in my chest that is hunting me for days, it’s nothing that I can’t control but why is it still there after all this time?
We find our self in this new chaotic ‘’social life’’ from the moment we leave the bed to the one we get back into it, we are constantly in the need to produce something that other people are going to like, we are constantly under the pressure to prove, to show that we are having the best time ever even if that’s not true and for who takes it more seriously it starts to hunt your mind and order you to create, create , create. I’m not complaining about social media let’s be clear, I’m complaining about the way we are using it today and the way this is making me feel today. Continua a leggere “Our chaotic “Social Life””


A Chat With…

A chat with… Sophia Tranter

Hello beautiful people and good afternoon,

This industry is full of creative and strong people that decided tell us a story, no matter how, no matter where but they are telling us who they are, what they are doing and who they would like to be. Everyday we watch these bloggers, influencers, makeup artists, photographers, editors etc. life trying to understand what they do and how they do it and what we can learn with them so I decided to start this new series on my blog where I ask a few questions to the people of this huge creative industry and I hope to inspire you through their words. The first one is Sophia Tranter. Continua a leggere “A Chat With…”

When a show becomes a part of your life.

Yesterday I was sitting on the bed in my room and I was watching the snow outside of the window and I was thinking about the last time that it snowed where I lived and it was a long time ago and I thought about how much things have changed, how much I have changed.

I can’t say that I’m still the same person that I was two, three, four years ago. We change, every day actually and our needs evolve, our desires evolve and we start to want to be someone new. While the snow was still falling I thought about what the youngest version of me would have thought about the one that I’m today and about what she wanted, I thought about what made me into the person I’m today. Continua a leggere “When a show becomes a part of your life.”