NYFW SS 19 Recap

Hello folks,
September is here, and we are already in the middle of it, crazy right? As you know September is THE fashion month and probably the month where everyone feels like they should put their shit together. New York is my favourite city in the world and when it meets fashion in the most chaotic week of the year it’s something incredible.
Fashion week is about fashion shows, presentations, street style and events where everyone that is someone in the fashion industry has the pleasure to attend and today we can say that the number of bloggers and influencers is always increasing, and it shows also how the fashion industry is finally accepting new figures.
I made a list of my favourite fashion shows that I’m going to share with you, I’m going to talk about street style and events too.

The main trend is NEON. Are you ready to rock it? Also, flip flop were a thing but I’m sure it’s not a trend that I will rock next year. 


opened NYFW with an incredible show where the animal prints trend came back and of course the collection was elegant and classy as always. Lots of black and white; I loved the dress that Gigi Hadid was wearing.tumblr_pem67oeh6r1si6lazo1_500

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followed the next morning. Nicole Miller Fashion Show is always one of my favorite because of its style. This collection had lots of animal prints (huge fan!!), denim and prints. I feel like it was so wearable which is something that I like to see on fashion show.


Is one of the funniest show for me, I love Jeremy’s creativity that he puts on Moschino and in his own collection and if maybe the clothes are not all wearable one thing that you can always find is Art. This collection is not actually super crazy and it’s full of neon colors ( remember: it’s going to be huge in Spring)


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Vivienne Hu

had a great collection full of prints and ”warm” colors, love the fact that they matched different prints together. tumblr_pevgjg5wJp1u0z9y6o1_500tumblr_pevfz7Xr2O1u0z9y6o1_500

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Self Portrait

Oh, this is one of  my favorite brand and fashion show, I love how it’s not ”the usual” and I love how creative its style is. Even if you have a t-shirt it’s something special! tumblr_peteghCqaK1si6lazo1_500tumblr_pev5btXwcp1si6lazo1_500tumblr_pf3uopPYmo1rdzvnro1_500tumblr_pf3usoEGne1rdzvnro1_500


Lots of color, of yellow which I loved and their blazer were amazing.

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Zimmermann is magic, it’s a fairy tale. Loved every piece of it.

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The Fashion Show was on a NYC Rooftop and the collection was amazing, full of incredible dresses.

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Ralph Lauren celebrated 50 Years with a fashion show that shut down Central Park. Yeah you heard it right! A lot of celebrities were there too!

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