The Dior Saddle Bag is back – with an Instagram Blitz

After almost 20 years the iconic Dior bag is back, it did it in the most modern way possible – An Instagram Campaign.
The Saddle Bag, designed by John Galliano, made its first appearance back in the 1999 during the Paris Fashion Week on the show inspired by Lauryn Hill but it began a ‘’phenomenon’’ when Carrie Bradshaw wore it in Sex and The City (Season 3). a4867b60c0b198cc2c28064c360e4abd

The bag made an appearance on the A/W 18 catwalk when Maria Grazia Chiuri wanted to reimagine this IT bag for 2018 and living in an era full of nostalgia about the 90s/00s there is no doubt that its come back is going to be a success, in fact the campaign that a few days ago took over your Instagram may be just the beginning.

In 2018 where bloggers and influencers ‘’influence’’ more than a tv commercial also a brand like Dior decided to invest in a campaign based on Instagram.
If you are reading this probably you are aware of what I’m talking about but for those who hasn’t well this is what happened: At the same time all the most famous and powerful influencers and bloggers of the word posted a photo wearing their new bag from Dior – The Saddle Bag

Chiara Ferragni


Aimee Song – Song Of Style


Chriselle Lim


Damsel in Dior Blog
Jacey – Damsel In Dior


Aylin Koenig
Aylin Koenig


BUT there was no mention that it was a gift or an AD.
After the first two/three photos it was clear what was happening, it was a campaign, but this leads me to the question that a lot of you have thought about: ‘’Is it right to not mention when it’s a paid post or a gifted one?’’ well this is another story ( let me know if you would like a post about it. )
Where were we? Oh, okay the Instagram Campaign, which was cool in my opinion. Now that the coolest on the field ‘’had their hands’’ on the IT bag… How can you find it? If you can you can buy it from a store and pay it from 2,350$ to 8500$ if you can’t you have to visit you aunt or your mom’s closet and look for it or you may find it in a vintage store – Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor.

What do you think? Are you going to rock the Saddle bag or Nah?


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