My Skin Care Routine

I’ve never been a routine person, especially for my skin. I have to say that when I was younger I didn’t use anything for my skin; first because I didn’t need it at the time and second because I would’ve forgot for sure.

When I grow up, thanks to a lot of stress and my DNA (I guess lol) my skin got worst. And these past few years got also so dry. I don’t drink a lot of water so that was one of the main problems. I don’t have to say that I’m taking care of my skin now and I also turned myself into a routine person, maybe was just the process of getting older.
So, what do you do when you must cure your skin? You go to a doctor, and that’s what I did, at first the products that he gave me didn’t work as much as I expected, they were fine for the first few days then my skin didn’t improve so he switched them and now it seems like they are doing their job.
I can’t share with you what I use for my ‘’acne’’ BUT I can share with you what I use for clean and hydrate my skin.

A few weeks ago, I got this gift from a brand that I didn’t even know it existed. The brand’s name is ”LOWENGRIP”. I tried it for a bit before sharing with you my opinion. I LOVED the products that they sent me, and I want to make sure you know that I’m not paid to say this, I was not paid at all, it was a gift.

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset
That’s what I do.
I use the FACIAL SCRUB two times a week as it’s written on the website, I have to say that it’s good, my skin is glowing after it ahah, literally.


I clean my face every morning with the FACIAL CLEANSER and I use the HYDRATING MASK every night before I go to sleep.

Now, I want to hear WHAT YOU USE to hydrate and clean your skin on a daily basis.


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  1. helloaycan

    I am always changing my skincare routine as my skin is always changing depending on the season/how I’m feeling. If my skin is feeling oily, I go for something with charcoal. If my skin is feeling delicate, I go towards something with more calming factors. It’s so hard to stick to a routine! A tip to drink more water is to carry around a large bottle/flask as then you can just reach for it when you need it.

    Aycan xx

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  2. I too never used a skin care regimen when I was younger. Now that I have gotten older and am more educated on skin care routines, I use Anew Vitale Revive which is meant for women in their late 20’s-30’s who are looking for a skin care product to help fight the look of sleep-deprived skin for a more radiant appearance and youthful glow! It is lightweight, non-greasy, smells great, softens skin and soothes skin! I have seen results from this product and have gotten great feedback from my clients as well. If you are interested check out my website for more information!

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